“Put this on if you’re looking for some serious peace in audio form”
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The music I produce is varied in style and sound, maintaining an evocative sense throughout. It’s perfect as an accompaniment to visuals, be it film, advertising, or for smaller online productions. Alongside my singer/songwriter wife Anita, we release music under the monikers Salt of the Sound and Narrow Skies – there is a small showcase of each below, alongside some placements in TV and film. Both of these projects are of course also available on all digital download & streaming stores should you prefer to listen elsewhere! I also create ambient soundscapes as Antarctic Wastelands.

Feel free to get in touch with any licensing queries, or if you are interested in bespoke compositions, collaborations, mixing or mastering services. You can also browse Echoes Blue Music, the record label that encompasses all our musical projects.

Narrow Skies

Organic soundscapes combine with electronic elements to evoke images of the natural world; from shimmering lakes to the hidden depths of the forest, and the extremes of winter’s icy grasp to the land of the midnight sun.

Salt of the Sound

“Reflective Christian music” – a soundtrack to spiritual reflection both in church environments and in times of personal quiet.

Antarctic Wastelands

Frozen ambient soundscapes.